The Mothervine is a 400-year-old scuppernong muscadine grapevine on Roanoke Island, North Carolina.

The Mothervine Company creates wonderful American-made products based on the Muscadine.

This amazing vine is so old because it creates rare polyphenols to protect itself.

The MotherVine

The Mothervine overlooks the Roanoke Sound in the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina

Muscadines are one of nature’s richest sources of polyphenolic antioxidants*

*Source: The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 51(18):5497-503

The power of antioxidants in muscadines help protect the body from damaging effects of oxygen free radicals, which can contribute to degenerative diseases.

Muscadines also have over 88 distinct phytonutrients that are rarely found in our diets.  When added to our diet, our bodies are better able to work the way they are designed.

Our very best health product is Muscadine Health: RQE Formula.

The founder of The Mothervine Company shares his story.

The Mothervine Heritage: An Ancient Vine Standing at the Crossroads of Nature, History, and Health…

In 1584, Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe, the first explorers sent to the New World by Sir Walter Raleigh, under the auspices of Queen Elizabeth, arrived at what is now Bodie Island. One of the first things they observed was that the land was overflowing with grapes.

Scuppernong Muscadines on The Mothervine

Scuppernong Muscadines on The Mothervine

 The Mothervine loves UNC-TV. She is the oldest Tarheel known.

Our Family & Community

Who Says You Can’t Choose Your Family?
At the inaugural tasting of The MotherVine wine

At the Mothervine, we work to create a supportive community for our customers where they can learn about the latest scientific research findings in muscadine health and honey bee health products.

We are a community where folks share stories, offer ideas, and get to know others who value health, heritage, and family. We also view our role within the larger global community by connecting our customers with health based organizations that are dedicated to helping people and families live healthier lives.

We strongly support Outer Banks Conservationists (OBC) which caretakes Currituck Beach Lighthouse and The Island Farm, a living history site. A portion of the profits from The Mothervine supports OBC, which will one day caretake The Mothervine.